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  • Please critique..

    Well it's been many, many months since i put anything up for scrutiny, i think my lighting technique has partially improved, my new studio is still not quite finished, but i hope to open the doors for the new year.
    This was taken this afternoon during a visit from my friend who happened to bring her son over - i think the hat really makes it.
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    Re: Please critique..

    what was your lighting set up?

    nice detail in the black shirt, great catchlights. I think the skin is more magenta than yellow

    there's a dark mottled spot on the front of his right shoulder, could be something on the lens?

    Yes the hat and crop are great. Other might have problems with the bits of lint on the hat.


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      Re: Please critique..

      Great lighting - so soft! I'd watch be aware of bringing out skin detail when sharpening. The picture was razor sharp, but the skin became a little grungy. Dodge and burn to clean it up.

      I'd make the black in the hat the same color as the turtleneck - navy. The oversaturated reds in the hat was making his skin look a little grey in contrast. I thought the skin looked a little green, so I color balanced (in my haste I added a little too much blue). Did you liquify his eyes at all? They look a little strange to me. He's fake smiling by the way. Just his mouth is smiling, not his eyes. Try to make him actually happy before you take the shot, otherwise you can push up the lower lids in post (don't forget to reshape the iris), but since the eyes looked funny already I left it alone.
      Keep up the good work.
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        Re: Please critique..

        Thanks Nasturtium and Mike,
        the lighting set up Nasturtium, was a giant octabank as main and the lastolite 8x7 rear-lit background. I didn't notice the bits of lint, thanks - i normally get more than a few minutes to crop and resize so on the next shot i'll be more aware of those things.
        The skintones have not been altered from the original grey card reading so i can only assume my calibration may be out a little..

        Mike, i like what you did to the chin and under the eyes very much, the toning down of the saturation in the hat also works very well.
        Apart from a little usm on the eyes and boosting the hat colours, it's pretty much as it was which is why i like this lighting set up so much, the soft light is phenominal and will definitely lessen the amount of pp in the future.

        Ps.. trying to get this kid to show any kind of emotion was like "pulling teeth", however i'm sure there will be another time when we can try again lol