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New in Retouching Need from advice

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  • New in Retouching Need from advice

    Hi there, I want to know what you think about my work. I'll be happy for any advice.

    Original image



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    Re: New in Retouching Need from advice
    Hi Andy,

    welcome to RetouchPRO!!!

    I love the 'cropping' and the B&W idea .... but, personally, I found the whole composition a bit too dark ... the little girl didn't really 'jump' to my eyes ... she seems a bit lost against the overwhelming wall background.

    Parts of the shadows seem to be solid black blocks.

    I'm more into restorations rather than retouching, so take my critique with a pinch of salt ...

    I'm moving your Thread to the Critiques Forum.


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      Re: New in Retouching Need from advice

      Thanks Flora!


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        Re: New in Retouching Need from advice

        You are very welcome!!!


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