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My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

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  • My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

    Dear People,
    Im a newbie here.. this are my first and second retouch and I would like you to help me be better =)
    Please! Tell me what you think!



    Thanks in advance!!! :-)

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    Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

    hi there, a quick look over both and I have a few things I noticed, some are arbitrary and others are i think things that could be done.

    Image 1:

    I would have left the small beauty marks by her mouth and eye.
    would have liquified her ear so its not so far from her head.
    removed the small piece of white shirt on the left. distracting.
    hair needs a lot of detail work - fly aways and stray hairs gotta go. especially the hair over her ear. get your clone on!
    skin tones looks good, hard to judge as every monitor is different but with my calibrated system it looks good.
    the cold blue colour temp you removed from her skin is still in the white of the shirt. warm that up just a hair.

    Image 2:

    i liked the warm tone of the brick wall.
    beauty marks again, they add character in my mind, and I would not treat them as blemishes.
    hair hair hair. over the ears, and strays.
    earring hole. add an earring maybe?
    remove her out of focus hand, its not adding to the composition in any way
    the finished image looks overly sharp, especially the eyes.

    great work overall, a bit more detail work and these will be very good!



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      Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

      one final thing on image one.

      you flattened out the hi-lights by her right eye (our left) way to much, her cheeks and forehead now look very flat. bring some of that hi-light back.


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        Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

        Lukas! Thanks a lot for the time you took and the answers!
        They are really helpful for me because I'm starting and I know I have a lot of things to correct. You help me with this to find the path and get the knowledge to understand the deep of the things we have to care about.
        For example, I know I didnt care a lot about the hair and I thought it was not so important and that it was Ok, but now, when I look again, guided by your explanations, i see it very ugly

        Well, I try to correct these images with the tips you gave me.
        Thanks again for your time and kindness.


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          Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

          While there are many niggles and nitpicks that could be made about hairs and personal-choice liquification, I wanted to say that for a first and second effort posted here (although I don't think they're necessarily truly his first ever) that these are extremely competant retouches.

          You have preserved the skin detail well, there is enough texture and noise to be convincing and even though the second image is a little oversharp, the difference is remarkable and likeable.

          Many more will arrive soon to erode your confidence away to nothing, but these are very strong foundations upon which to proceed.


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            Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

            oneredpanther hi!
            well in fact there are my very first and second approach to retouch. Im a graphic designer but not a good drawer and I never knew anything about skin retouch. I made a 4days course with Retoucher Natalia Taffarel a month ago, so then I started to practice.
            Thanks for your appreciation and yes, now that I see it again, the oversharpness is really important..
            maybe you can help me, you make a different sharp for web and for print? because I see it works different if you make it in the bigger image, and then you make it small size for web.
            I'm working in two more, then I will post for you to take a look
            thanks a lot!


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              Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

              When I'm finished with my output I usually make three duplicate layers:

              1. A medium amount of unsharp mask.
              2. A little gentle unsharp mask.
              3. Original image, not sharpened at all.

              Then I mask out 1 and 2 to black/invisible and:

              1. Paint layer 1 back in over the eye regions only.
              2. Paint layer 2 back in over the rest of the model but not the eyes.
              3. Leave layer 3 showing through for the background.

              This way you have nice sharp eyes (but not too much), quite a sharp model (but not as much as the eyes) and a non-adjusted background.


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                Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

                oneredpanther thanks!! really!
                I'll make the try in that case.
                What I did was to make just one duplicated flattened layer and make a highpass of 1 and put linear-light and then mask and unmask the face and parts which i thought it would be good to sharpen.
                Thanks for you help!


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                  Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

                  For a first retouch, I think it looks good. I'm not a professional photographer, but seeing the 'Before and After' I think they look good. The skin is nice and smooth, the eyes look good, the lips look great. I would of done something besides yellow for the eye shadow, but that's just personal prefrence. Great start.


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                    Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

                    Hi there,

                    The first time I decide to critique on someone. I am nowhere expert but eager to help out as much as I can. My level is somewhat Intermediate.

                    As for the first image, to be honest, I feel like I actually like the before image more than the after. The After image seemed like she suddenly turned out to be someone else...Your retouching ability is good but I feel like you have eliminated some details of the facial features that you should have left them there.

                    For the second image, yes I simply like the after image better. This one is the one I feel you have done an enhancement to it.

                    Well, these are just my opinion. I hope you get motivated.


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                      Re: My first Retouch - Please help and critics!

                      ShogunSho thanks for your appreciation! All this help me understand and try to be better!