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  • Critique My Photo

    I attempted to remove a full back tattoo of this individual. It's one of my first attempts let me know what you think about the quality of the work and what can be improved.
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    Re: Critique My Photo

    Hi twilightofidols and welcome to the forums.

    That's a really great removal of that tattoo. I have two observations/recommendations
    - The shadow down the back of the woman wobbles a bit indicating something is wrong with her bone structure. I think that wobble was probably introduced with the repairs and would most likely be a straightforward additional edit.
    - The skin on her back and arms still have the very slight discolorations that existing in the first image (small light patches of red). Depending on what you or your client would like, that might be an additional area in which to work.

    Thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of work went into the project.


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      Re: Critique My Photo

      Hi thank you for your observations. Yes, looking closely I think you're right about the shadow perhaps I'll have a go at that later today. It took me many hours to complete that one! A whole evening if I remember correctly.


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        Re: Critique My Photo

        Yes.., it sure looks like a lot of work. Mostly recreation as you did not have much natural skin to clone or steal from. Maybe a tad bit too airbrushed looking. Maybe think about adding some noise, texture to the skin surface. I also agree with John on the curve of the back/spine. The arm doesn't bother me as much as the over brightening of the face. Also, I like black panties - as opposed to the purplish hue you've achieved. But again... a pretty heavy duty first attempt!
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