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retouch help/crit/suggestions! :)

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  • retouch help/crit/suggestions! :)

    I'm still working on it but I think I'm pretty close to where I want to be. I want to do something with the haloing around her hair and Im pretty sure I have some masking issues at the back of her head; I can't see it but I KNOW it's there. Ideas or suggestions would be so appreciated. I got the image from DPR as well..just playing around tonight.

    Apparently the image is too large to upload so I uploaded it through tinypic so you guys can see it at a not stupid-small resolution:

    Thanks everyone!!

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    Re: retouch help/crit/suggestions!

    i know I'm new but feedback would be awesome you guys!


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      Re: retouch help/crit/suggestions!

      Hi lspinelli and welcome to the forums.

      Take my feedback with a grain of salt because I do not retouch and sell these types of images.

      Your final result is probably within the threshold of the artists discretion meaning you could get feedback all over the map and you would still have to decided for yourself what is the right answer for you and/or your client.

      Overall you final result looks great within the confines of what I can see on my monitor.

      It looks like the majority of your work was on the models skin. For my own tastes (not yours or you clients) the skin was a little soft with little texture left. So it left a slightly blurred feel to me. Also, the red hue from her cheek back to her hair seemed a little much. I must admit though I am not working from my better monitor being on the road. If the is the effect you want (e.g. complementing the colors in her hair then you could be spot on).

      To be honest, you did not leave a lot for me with which to leave comments. The original shot was already quite good with a good feel and you took care of the most obvious skin issues. Hope this is useful.


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        Re: retouch help/crit/suggestions!

        Thank you John!