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I did it too! My first Beautyretouching

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  • I did it too! My first Beautyretouching

    Dear RetouchPro Forum

    I'm here to get some professional criticisms for my work.
    It's my first highend beauty retouching work.

    1. RAW Progressing
    2. Healing by frequenz spliting
    3. Pixellevel dodge&burn
    4. global dodge&burn (reshaping)
    5. Hair retouching
    6. Eyelashes and mouth/lip retouching
    7. Liquify
    8. Imagelook / Background


    What do you think about it? Am I on the right way?

    Thanks for every kind of feedback!

    Greetings from Switzerland


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    Re: I did it too! My first Beatuyretouching

    Hi, Overall I think her skin looks good. There are others here far better in the retouch world to help you than myself.

    I am a photographer that likes retouching.

    The models face is turned into the direction of the main light source and I cant quite make out the light, perhaps its an octagon without the diffuser or some sort of beauty dish.
    It is very distracting how the black flash head creates its pin like reflection in the eyes especially the right eye. The light also blows out in the right eye, giving the illusion of a popped or slightly bug eye. There is already a lot of the whites of her eyes showing. I would work on the eyes.
    The model also appears a little magenta, however, that might have been your intention.


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      Re: I did it too! My first Beautyretouching

      Hi Matilda

      Thanks a lot for your feedback.

      Unfortunately it's not my own photo. I downloaded it from I don't like the photo at all. On the same reason like you - the eyes seems popping. But I tought it was a good base material for improving my beautyreotuching skills. Especially doging and burning.
      Concerning the magenta model, it was my intention

      thanks again.


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        Re: I did it too! My first Beautyretouching

        I really like the skin, but I think the eyes need a little more work for example you can see she is wearing contacts, unless you meant to leave them in. I also think the lip stick isnt quite right on the left side of her mouth


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          Re: I did it too! My first Beautyretouching

          The skin is still quite blotchy.

          Put a curve on top, pull the midtones down a little. Then put a Hue/Sat on and desat completely. Now you'll see the blotches a lot more clearly.

          Now just dodge and burn those out.

          The cutout of the hair in the back is just a hard line. This doesn't seem realistic.

          Eyes, can still see contacts and those catchlights are too much.

          She's very pale. Could use some color.

          Check the color of her shoulder to the rest of her. The shadow on the side of the nose is too blue.

          I think I can see a lot of the areas where you dodged some light in, that's not good.

          Here are some notes.

          Keep trying.
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