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  • Retouching portfolio site

    Hey all. First time posting on here. I'd like to get some honest feedback of what you guys think about my new retouching portfolio site. Feel free to critique both the retouching work and the site itself. I appreciate whatever you have to say!

    I built the site through 's 'prosite' feature and would definitely recommend it for building a site if you want a lot of control with your content but don't want to touch code. Also it looks to be very easy to add new work to the site once it's all set (that was the downfall of my old flash site.)

    Matt Schuenke is a freelance creative photo retoucher based in Los Angeles.

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    Re: Retouching portfolio site

    Excellent work, struggle to find much to criticise. Only two things, the kids in the school room are posed, if you created games for them to play that created the shapes you needed and really got them into it, I think the shot would of had more life. The only other thing is maybe more negative space in some shots than is needed, look into 1/161 ratio to help with spatial layout.


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      Re: Retouching portfolio site

      The initial load time is pretty extreme, which is a shame as the work shouts quality. I would perhaps also provide more 'making of' shots and images.


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        Re: Retouching portfolio site

        I like the work and really like the 'making of' videos, and there was no load time issues here. For the 'making of' videos, I like the progression of you used for most of them - but the 'lunchroom' project progresses differently and doesn't tell the story as well IMO. Maybe you decided to do it that way because there wasn't much need to show colour and lighting tweaks as the kids were all shot in one shoot?

        One image issue I noticed ... in the latest project 'Wildland'. Obviously you've put a lot of work into the shot, and its impressive, but for me I feel like the lighting/and shadows cast are inconsistent. You've got two or more light sources, yet the moonlight is casting a really strong shadow and the interior light not so much.
        Why is the wall so bright near the window? If its the moonlight, I think it needs to look look like its light shining through, and not an interior spotlight. If its supposed to be interior light, then it needs to be casting shadows. Or something like that ...

        The layout of the site is functional, but I'm not lovin' the everything-in-a-grid look that is so common these days.

        Overall impressive. Good Job!

        --Shift Studio.


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          Re: Retouching portfolio site

          In my opinion, it looks great! Easy to navigate and understand, and straight to the point as it shows off your work.


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            Re: Retouching portfolio site

            Couple of things - maybe have the back of the truck sink a little on the back axle to emphasise the weight of the elephant. Kid's poses are a bit static in what is quite a dynamic scene and the train image scaling, wheat field and blur are not quite right IMO.
            That said, I like where you're at!

            Doh! Sorry, just realised the elephant is supposed to be super light.
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              Re: Retouching portfolio site

              Thanks for the feedback guys! Really appreciate having some issues to go back and look at again. Though I wasn't at most of the shoots so model posing and such is out of my hands.

              Shift- You're dead on about the window light. I meant it to be the moonlight shining through but it's apparent that isn't quite right (unless the moon is sitting on the window sill. :/)


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                Re: Retouching portfolio site

                I dig it man. Very quick to load for me and I really dig seeing behind the scenes and to watch the layers come together.

                Only image critique that sticks out for me - On the ultralight piano image, My eye is drawn to the dark black on the piano where it falls off abruptly to make way for the worker's hands and shadow. I bet just using some blend modes you could have the density from the piano meld with the reflections of the man and the floor.

                Overall looks awesome buddy. Keep it up.


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                  Re: Retouching portfolio site

                  From a user point of view rather than a Photoshopper, the site is lovely, very clean and easy to navigate. I had some issues with loading time, but I am on a very slow connection. Would it be worth considering putting a before image as a standalone? Maybe as a rollover?

                  Otherwise, I think I'll hang my hat up as far as retouching goes, you've got it covered



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                    Re: Retouching portfolio site

                    Pretty good work. Check out this page if you like on Facebook. Examples of illustration and photo retouchinghttp://


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                      Re: Retouching portfolio site

                      Very nice. Great work. Looks like fun.


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                        Re: Retouching portfolio site

                        Originally posted by martink View Post
                        Pretty good work. Check out this page if you like on Facebook. Examples of illustration and photo retouchinghttp://
                        your link is broken:


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