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  • In the eye of the storm

    Hey everyone, first post here. I'm a photographer based in Sweden, but I'm madly in love with retouching and compositing too. I'm trying to break more and more in to the commercial photography-lane and would love to get some input from you.

    This is my latest work:

    Ive also attached the original photo so you can see what i worked from.

    I'm trying to improve on my dodging and burning and yeah. pretty much everything. It was really cold and stressful day, so we didnt have time to set up alot of lights, so you can see the persons in the background are not lit so well. But let me know what you think outside of that sence.
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    Re: In the eye of the storm

    I can't find anything to critique except they are not wearing their hats and they should! ;-) And maybe the guy on the left is holding the gun oddly.

    The composition and arrangement of subjects in the original are great (with a little extra space at the right for them to "travel" into). The shutter timing is perfect, assuming they were moving slightly. The blue clothing and coolness of the final color work well together. I see you added snow in the retouch, who looks very believable.


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      Re: In the eye of the storm

      Fantastic shot and pp. For me the snow on the clothes are a bit off but overall awesome. =)