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  • Critique , Beauty Retouch

    Hi Guys !

    my before after image of one of the latest shoots

    im a photographer and i do this kind of retouching only from time to time
    so please be gentle :-)

    what i did :

    Frequency Split Healing and Color Corrections
    Dodge and Burn
    Color Corrections via H/S and Masks
    Curves and Masks on eyes , hair and overall contrast
    Sharpening the skin with smart sharpen
    sharpening the flowers with unsharp mask
    Sharpening the overall image with nik sharpener for print

    all the best !

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    Re: Critique , Beauty Retouch

    The skin is so messed up now. It has no detail in parts of it, whilst retaining full sharpness in her moustache.

    Color looks nice. But the transitions in color aren't smooth. And there's patches of color that are still off. Desaturate your image, make it darker and have a look for bad transitions.

    Not bad though!


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      Re: Critique , Beauty Retouch

      hi thanks for your reply, the skin has no detail where it had no detail in the original image or which parts do you mean ?

      which patches are still off ?
      thanks for any advice !


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        Re: Critique , Beauty Retouch

        I dont afree with DJSoulglo... But i do think you went a little bit over the top. But its a good job i think. Just keep on working it.


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          Re: Critique , Beauty Retouch

          >Sharpening the skin with smart sharpen
          >sharpening the flowers with unsharp mask
          >Sharpening the overall image with nik sharpener for print

          Simply too much sharpening.
          Skin pores are too sharp especially forehead and above the lips. There are certain parts of the skin that does not have that much texture as DJSoulgo indicated.

          Also the skin texture under her right eye is not flattering. I know it is the original texture but you should replace it with the texture from the left. And the eyelashes still need work.

          As DJSoulgo indicated you still have transition issues on both color and luminosity. The light to dark transition is not smooth. You can use multiple helper layers to see it. One method is to add a Channel Mixer, click on Monochrome and decrease the constant. Or simply add a curves and pull the middle point.

          Love the skin color though, and nice work with mouth/lips.


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            Re: Critique , Beauty Retouch

            Skin is a little patchy, even after d&b.


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