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Girl with butterflies composition

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  • Girl with butterflies composition

    Hey there,

    Please give me a word about my last work. I spent about 10 evenings staring at this photo, so my sense of realism is a bit blunted, and I will be glad to hear some critique.
    I'm considering it more like photo-composition, not like photo-art, since I like to preserve photo-realistic look in my images (well, at least within some limits).
    I'm well aware about composition troubles (butterfly in front of her eyes is up against the border of the image, tight left part of the photo). What I want to hear is color/tone/realism/overall comments.
    I can't upload the original image, since I left the psd at home and I'm on my job now; however I believe that in this situation comparison to the start pic is not so important (there was just model on the black backrgound). Anyway I'll attach it when I get home.
    Here is the link:

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Girl with butterflies composition

    And here is the original:


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      Re: Girl with butterflies composition

      When I look at your picture, what stands out is the yellow butterflies,
      not the pretty girl.
      I would use color that is taken from the colors on the girl.
      This is a example of what I mean.

      You see the girl first!
      I picked golden, then I added that color to the rest of the picture.
      If you used red ,use that color.
      B&W looks good with this picture also.
      Hope that helps+++
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        Re: Girl with butterflies composition

        Perhaps you're right.. Never thought about it, I often concentrate on the details and forget about the overall picture. Don't want to change current image anymore, but I will definitely keep that in mind in my next compositions.


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