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  • Critique Needed

    Okay, so I am in the process of two things:

    1. Setting up a website. (Have to find someone to build it for me)
    2. Applying for retouching jobs in my area (Philly/Delaware).

    What are your preferences on these pictures and should they be include in my portfolio?

    If you have any knowledge on this topic as well - What are some better ways of going about applying for retouching jobs.. Tips?
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    Re: Critique Needed

    Hi. I'll answer the question about the pictures. I think the second one is pretty good. Photographers will see the difference. Not quite so fond of the others. Good luck with your work!


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      Re: Critique Needed

      I like the middle one best also.


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        Re: Critique Needed

        I like the first 2, not so much fond of the 2nd one. The only thing i would say about the first one is that maybe try to keep a lil more detail in it. after looking around it i kinda feel that shes been airbrush a bit too much in some areas where i woulda expected to see some level of detail. I think its just her left hand where the lines under the knuckles kinda bother me. but thats just me. Your 2nd image look good and very well detail that one is a must to put on ur portfolio. As for the last one i think what most of us arent feeling is the motion blur on her. Seeing how shes just standing and yet moving fast. Overall i would go with the first two on your website/portfolio


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          Re: Critique Needed

          2nd one only!


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