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  • Composite image feedback

    I'm Andreas, new to retouchpro. I work as a photographer / retoucher.
    Recently I got these images published which was good for my confidence, but let me tell you how offended people were when they commented my photos under the article and how bad my poor and bad my work was.

    So instead of being offended, i thought I would take it seriously and try to get som constructive critique on my photos.

    If you have any idéas how to make these photos better and what techniques you would use please post. One thing I'm already which I need to improve is cast shadows in between players.

    Thank you.

    PS. In the dropbox link resizes the image so click the image once to show it in actual size.
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    Re: Composite image feedback

    First one:
    That glow behind the player looks out of place. What's creating that glow? The lights above? If so, you would need to make them look more directional. You also need some light behind his hair and probably some bleeding through under his arm and helmet. The lights up top look a little too bright/harsh.

    Rain looks very fake. There are some nice tutorials out there on how to make rain. One being at

    I feel sorry for you. I'd hate to have to clip out each of those players one by one. Same thing as the first one with those lights.


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      Re: Composite image feedback

      Thank you for feedback.
      Light behind was to create some atmosphere so to speak, it looked flat without - maybe I should have skipped that.

      Maybe I should've put a grid spot right behind the players to simulate the spots from the arena roof, that would make it look more natural.

      Don't feel sorry for me, nobody forced me to do it .
      Thank you for feedback, appreciated.


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        Re: Composite image feedback

        That's a good link you sent have good tutorials. Got any more like that? - thank's


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          Re: Composite image feedback

          josephnicklo thanks for sharing fx ray links. i have learnt something new today. and please critique my post.


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