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  • critique me please

    Thank you!

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    Re: critique me please

    I'm gonna nit-pick because I really like the end result...Scott Kelby once said "when ya want a pretty picture,
    start with a pretty subject", she is gorgeous.
    Discoloration beside her right eye, camera left, bothers me as well as minute sharp line under same eye...

    Regardless, I think it's very nice.


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      Re: critique me please

      It looks like you copied what you thought others did rather than try to determine what would really complete the lighting. For example her chin had a more pleasing shape in the original. The shadow alone the cheekbone region is just not working. I don't think anyone would want to extend it like that. On the hair, you don't want it to feel so chopped. It's not only chopped, but it's inconsistently blurry along the edge. If it was out of focus in the original and you matched that effect, it would be totally different. I don't quite like the shape of the added makeup, especially in that it draws me to her atypical eyebrow shape relative to a makeup focused or beauty shot. To me you're losing the lighting of the original shot without a successful transition here.


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        Re: critique me please

        I got some observations on a mark up.
        Also I noticed you have quite lot of banding on the BG

        I hope it helps


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          Re: critique me please

          Following this thread with interest! You've done a good enough job that it is nit picking, though fair point about lighting and hair. I would also push the top left bit of the hair that sticks out inward a bit as-well as making it blend softer with the background as suggested. The comments you've gotten are really the crest of all that can be said about the image, will take a little time but take the advice and you've got a great image!

          Diego81, may i ask, what is this solarized image you posted in a link and what is it used to see ?


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