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Retouch on Dark Skinned Model

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  • Retouch on Dark Skinned Model

    Hi everybody,

    This is basically one of my first posts here as I signed up to get more information about retouching. As soon as I am up to it, I will give back the favour of giving a critique ;-))

    Please find below my attempt on a retouch. My longterm goal: Professional, print magazine ready retouch.

    Methods that I used include:
    • Healing brush (mainly on skin)
    • Cloning (for skin areas also)
    • Dodge & Burn for Skin (mainly to even out skin, get rid of patches)
    • Dodge & Burn for defining facial structure

    What could be improved?
    What bothers you?

    Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts!
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    Re: Retouch on Dark Skinned Model

    Nic, Welcome to RetouchPRO Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends. Poke around, ask questions, offer help, have fun!

    Just my thoughts.. on my monitor she looks a bit Yellowish/Green to me and somehow a bit soft/blurred... BUT, I like how you have done the lips ... I think a bit more contrast overall might help and might help make the eyes pop a bit more. The protrusion of the collar bone might be softened some to make it stand out less. Overall, I think the D&B work you have done thus far is very good.. Keep at it!
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      Re: Retouch on Dark Skinned Model

      Very subjective call. I like the dodging you've done, but I prefer the original color tones. Looks a bit yellowish-green for me as well, but again - might have been the look you were going for. Welcome to the site.


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        Re: Retouch on Dark Skinned Model

        Hi both of you,

        Thank you very much for the welcome and the feedback - much appreciated!
        Now, that collar bone starts bugging me too - true, that needs some work.
        I will also play some more with contrast and colours.

        I will definitively keep working on it :-)