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  • First Attempt

    Hey guys out there, I'm new to this forum.
    Hope to find a new place to spend some time with some nice people.

    Here's my first attempt on retouching a beauty portrait. On the next photo, I will even retouch the hair but this time I didn't.

    Best regards from Germany

    Allen Turner



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    Re: First Attempt

    Any critiques?


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      Re: First Attempt

      Hi Allen and welcome to the forum

      Beauty shots are not normally 'colour treated' or certainly with not as much intent as your rendition. It looks a little like you may have used too much Portraiture or a similar band pass technique on too high a setting or if you used the 'IHP' on just one radius as the skin looks a little sandblasted. I would advocate just d&b and then if that's not enough move to band pass technique in extreme moderation and targeted.

      It's good to clean the flyaways, but go the extra mile and when they cross other hairs nearer to the head, clone those out too.


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        Re: First Attempt

        Hey Mike,

        thank you for your advices. I'll try out to do it only with the DB technique without the inverted high pass first. I'm going to upload the next work as well. Maybe you can give some tips then too.

        Best regards

        Allen Turner