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First ever Glitz/pagaent retouch

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  • First ever Glitz/pagaent retouch

    Hey, Ive been doing editorial retouching for about 4 years so I know my way around ps and stuff, Ive decided to start trying glitz/pageant retouch to expand my customer base but Ive never done it before. This is my first ever attempt, it took me hours! (kind of watching tv at the same time lol) Can you please tell me what you think of it and exactly what techniques I could perhaps use to improve it?

    I realise people can be touchy about this type of retouch but please just give opinion on the actual quality of the work rather than the moral issue, to be honest I dont really agree with it and its really strange retouching the skin to be so fake when my instincts are saying 'it looks ridiculous!'
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    Re: First ever Glitz/pagaent retouch

    I'll try to restrain my disdain for this kind of subject. The problem I see here is you're trying to emulate really bad work performed by talentless hacks. I suspect the goal is make the makeup stand out as it would in a pageant, make the skin look clean, and make all teeth look straight. As it is, it no longer represents the subject in any way. I wouldn't even try to revise it, as there's nothing to salvage here. You took away the wrong points by looking at bad work.

    I still think anyone who would put their kid through such a competition is a mouth-breathing idiot, so my response is probably somewhat snarkier than normal even though I realize this is probably for someone else.


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