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  • Quick Critique!!!

    Hi guys.... Been a long tym!!

    Thank for your time!!

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    Re: Quick Critique!!!

    Here are thoughts from someone who knows nothing.
    1. Hair - GOOD, somehow it is livened but still looks natural
    2. Eyes - GOOD, sort of the same thing, I think you may have retouched them but it is subtle so I don't notice except by comparison to the Before
    3. Neck - GOOD, looks cleaner than in original
    4. Face - This is where it is possible that something has been lost. Don't get me wrong, the skin is smoother and the color is less sallow. What may have been lost is some of the pixiness or imperfections, something about the freckles that added some character (perhaps a bit of impishness).

    So it depends on what you are going for. The face is more ideal and perfect in the retouched version, but may have become a little more "average" and have lost some originality, if originality is something you want to go after.

    Again, I am an amateur. Basically, the work seems to me very good but perhaps this can help you see additional aspects.



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