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    Senior Member Plugsnpixels suggested I post "before & after" views in order to better judge the overall effect, where improvements are needed, etc. The picture attached here was originally on some very lightweight, almost flimsy paper that reminded me of the kind of newsprint they use in color supplements or ad flyers in the Sunday papers. It was made at a studio where they provide lots of different props for the customers to pose with. I did a fairly high-res (600dpi) scan, since my intent was to be able to print it once I'd done whatever I could do with it. Snapfish did the actual printing (a 12x18 poster) which I never saw because I arranged to have it sent directly to my brother-in-law in Chicago who'd asked me to try restoring it in the first place; he was pretty happy with it so I guess it turned out OK. But I'm just as interested in knowing if I was on the right track, and what could have been done better. Thanks!
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    Re: For Your Consideration

    FWIW, I am not a restoration guy, so...would have liked to see a more "gritty look" to the main subject and less definition to the background as it's clarity competes with the eye.
    Additionally, maybe more feather applied to the selection as it's a little too crispy around the face.


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      Re: For Your Consideration

      Thanks for your critique. When you pointed out the part about the selection, I saw right away what you were getting at; pretty sloppy work on my part. I'll take better care next time around. As for the gritty look, I think I know what you mean and I'll do some experimenting.


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        Re: For Your Consideration

        Good start. I see you've removed the damage. I would add some dodging and burning to the image to give it some tonal variation and pop. The mask around the subject is a little crude right now. I personally wouldn't remove them from the background but leave them there. I don't see a compelling reason to put them in the new environment. Plus you are dealing with a profound mismatch with the background. The background is sharper and has more contrast, sort of the inverse of what you would expect. Plus to make them really harmonize you would need to match them perfectly in terms of lighting (the background is very high contrast right now, indicative of mid-day sun) and has a different photographic "texture" to it. Good luck.


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