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  • how bad it is?

    Hy guy,took some pics of this amazing Bmw e30 and post-procesing those pics,here is some of them.Pretty difficult to be objective about my work.For me it looks good but that is not necessary the truth.
    Some pls critiques my work.Tnks

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    Re: how bad it is?

    There is a visible colored fringe on the plate (view at 100%, easily corrected with Camera Raw)
    The low front spoiler of the car should be cleaned (especially visible in the first picture) and I'm not sure that all these power lines do not disturb the reading of the image


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      Re: how bad it is?

      I can see where you're losing paint details in at least one of them. It's starting to show banding, even at low resolution. Overall though I have to ask what your goal was here. I don't see a lot of intent. To me they look like snapshots, which is fine. I don't see anything that really tells me about the design of the car or why it's in that environment.


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        Re: how bad it is?

        they are snapshots,i got my camera with me and saw this gorgeus car and take some shots.I main concern is about editing.I exaggerated with retouching?What would you edit in those photo?


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          Re: how bad it is?

          Originally posted by andy_wpo View Post
          they are snapshots,i got my camera with me and saw this gorgeus car and take some shots.I main concern is about editing.I exaggerated with retouching?What would you edit in those photo?
          There's nothing striking to me. For example nothing was done to emphasize details of the car, if that was your goal. The encroaching brush takes away from that a little, but the only thing I might actually call a mistake is where you ended up with banding and color shifts in the paint. You can see where it has the weird tints in a couple on exceptionally saturated parts.

          Usually asking how good or bad something is implies that there was a more specific goal.


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