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  • Incense Smoke Images

    There's a ton of tutorials on YouTube showing the technique and I became addicted...not only in the method but,
    what can be done with the images using various morphing techniques in Photoshop.

    The journey can lead from the initial image to something way beyond what you start with.
    These images show a lack of original thought, but replicate what others have done...from Michelangelo to my own orchids to Peter Lik.

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    Re: Incense Smoke Images

    Not really seeing "smoke" in the first two, but still very cool. Keep us updated on your progress. Perhaps post your version of the technique.
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      Re: Incense Smoke Images

      So, you path something out, then draw along the path to get a clean edge, then liquify and warp it to look like smoke making sure the blending mode is screen/lighten or that sort and then just mask it out, right? Looks cool, but not sure how much of it is smoke.


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        Re: Incense Smoke Images

        The hands was one of my first, I selected bits and pieces that looked like parts of hands and assembled them.
        Orchids were done when I had more of a handle on the liquefy/puppet tools.
        Antelope canyon was as you suggested with severe reshaping of fourteen images, all with different colors applied,
        the smoke lady was done previously. Never consider using blending modes.
        They're 100% smoke based images