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how good my retouch technique is...

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  • how good my retouch technique is...

    I am young fashion photographer from Belgrade, Serbia and I want to know what you think about my retouch skills... So here it is before and after sample..

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    Re: how good my retouch technique is...

    The forum software ate another of my posts. This version is a lot shorter.

    The work looks terrible (I mean it), but that doesn't mean you're incapable of doing better. Most of what I see involves bad judgement of aesthetics, obvious copying techniques verbatim from the internet, and work left in that you don't yet know how to do well.

    First of all notice that you introduced banding on the mannequin along the shadow on his cheek. You probably read about split frequency and decided to use it. If you introduce banding, either pick a different tactic or find some way to remove it. I would just pick a different tactic.

    The masking along the hair is both inconsistent and doesn't match the depth of field of the image. You always want the sharpness of outlines to match the appropriate depth of field. If it should be out of focus, the outline shouldn't be sharp. In this case it's just inconsistent, but it should match the sharpness of the original hair line. The bits of white where it wasn't masked correctly should have been dealt with, but overall I think you should practice masking and come back with questions specific to that.

    There isn't a single thing that's done well on this image, but I think it just comes back to copying bad work. Once you develop some sensibilities for this stuff, I don't think you'll continue to show anything like this to others.

    Edit: the beauty details aren't very good, and I think I do need to mention examples. Look at some eyebrow styling. Your version just tries to fill gaps and prune without considering the shape or texture. Find better examples for ideas. You made the irises really bold, yet you blocked up the upper eyelids. Due to that you have ridiculously bold irises and no eyelash detail. It's a very bad combination. The lips are very bold, and they make the skin look really flat. The two should be somewhat synergystic. The skin just doesn't have the details to suggest that those two elements belong in the same image.