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kindly Provide Critical Review on this image.

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  • kindly Provide Critical Review on this image.

    Am Pretty new to retouching. I wanted to convert white background to Black. I did that and also some minor color corrections. Kindly provide the feedback on this before and after. White - Before, Black - After.

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    Re: kindly Provide Critical Review on this image.

    It's a decent cut-out. It can't look like it was shoot on black because it's a semi translcent plant, and there is light refelcting from the white backdrop all the way through.


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      Re: kindly Provide Critical Review on this image.

      Thankyou Bro. But Is there something more I can do that it matches more with the new Background ?


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        Re: kindly Provide Critical Review on this image.

        Quick improvement but not a 'fix' - click your layer mask in the layer stack and use the Properties function to, first, reduce the size of the mask and secondly, feather the mask edge. Move the sliders to get the right blend so that the harsh white edge disappears. Really though, you need to adjust the roll-off of light around the edges so they blend with the black background rather than contrasting with it. You need make some individual masks of each element for a tip top result. Dropping the saturation will help although, by definition, cut-outs can never really look natural.


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          Re: kindly Provide Critical Review on this image.

          Definitely a nice start. Going from white to black or vice versa is difficult. Go back into your mask (hopefully you masked out the background?) And reselect the peas, then contract your selection by 1. This will cut off any of the rough edges. Inverse your selection and delete. Then reselect the peas again, and feather the selection by .5, inverse the selection and delete. This softens the new edge you just created.

          Watch for the breaks in the stems on the peas (see where the black cuts through?) mask those back INTO your subject. Also, look in-between the pods in front where you still see white. You need to mask that out, and also feather the edge.

          To deal with the white showing through on the peas from the original background, select the peas, feather (maybe more than .5, go to 1?), create a new layer, and with a very feathered brush, paint some black around the inside edges of the peas where you see glowing white. Change the layer to multiply, and reduce the opacity drastically, maybe down to 5 or 10%. This helps to add shadow back to the edges as would be seen on something that was originally show on black.

          Hope that helps. Great start!