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Skin work, what do you think?

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  • Skin work, what do you think?

    Hi, here's a crop of a lips image before and after, what do you think of the skin work?



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    Re: Skin work, what do you think?

    The lip line contains a small amount of the shadow portion that was there before, and it's a bit fuzzy. I would personally just leave the shadow. I would also adjust the portions toward the bottom of the image where the skin goes a bit reddish. The reflection at the very bottom of the lips is also quite distracting. I would blend that in.

    The large reflection is really ragged. I think that would be difficult to fix, but it's not attractive in its current state. That part should have been addressed at the time it was shot by whoever shot it.

    Overall, the hair removal is good. The rest of it is not as good. This stuff is not easy.


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      Re: Skin work, what do you think?

      Thanks a lot for your analysis klev!


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