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Please tell me what you think.

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  • Please tell me what you think.

    My name is Reham, but everyone calls me Rays (You're welcome to do the same. )
    I started taking online lessons in photoshop a while ago. And when I say 'online lessons' I mean, of course, YouTube videos. :P Anyway, since I don't have anyone to tutor me, I'm often wondering if what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong. So, I would like to know your honest (kind) opinion.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Please tell me what you think.

    Rays, welcome to RetouchPRO
    Hope you enjoy your stay here and make lots of friends.
    Poke around, have fun!
    Looks to me that you are achieving the Satin sculpted look you are going for.
    Sort of an over the top version of some work by Amy Dresser.
    Nice consistency throughout your site on Instagram.


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      Your Instagram account is no more. It seems that you have either deleted you account or your account got banned for some reason. If you want us to see your picture then please do not share link just upload the photos over here. If you want followers then try another strategies. Here people want real help and try to showcase their work do not come here to make followers. Upload real photos and avoid sharing account links.


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