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"What is this Forum?...and who should give critiques?"

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  • "What is this Forum?...and who should give critiques?"

    This is basically a forum for getting honest and direct feedback on your work. This can be any type of image from a Restoration to Photo Art. A critique is meant to be a tool for learning and if you post in this forum you will hopefully receive constructive feedback on your image's strengths and weaknesses, as well as suggestions for improvement. The key term is "constructive" "...derogatory and rude comments will not be tolerated.

    I would personally like to see this as an area where anyone can get very honest opinions on an image...and the critiques are still done in the spirit of helping and learning from each other. RetouchPro is known for the kindness of it's members and this forum will hopefully continue in that spirit...but it will be a bit more of a serious discussion. To that end, "kudo" (to borrow a term from another site) or compliment only posts will not be allowed. What is a "kudo" post? - Dropping in and just posting, "I love that!", without giving specific reasons...these sorts of posts are fine for other areas of RetouchPro (and we all enjoy getting them! ), but this will be an area for a more specific type of critique and feedback. Likewise, don't post "I dislike that" without giving reasons as well...and be considerate of your tone when you do dislike an image (and perhaps give tips on how to improve the image).

    If you don't think you are qualified to give a good critique, or the thought of it is downright terrifying...please read my post about "Who should give critiques?".

    Finally, in an effort to avoid complete insanity in this forum, we have set up some basic guidelines that everyone will need to read and agree to before posting. Just post in the "Guidelines" thread or send me a quick PM to let me know you have read the rules. (don't worry...there is nothing in there about sacrificing your first born child or anything! ). This is mostly to insure that everyone understands what this forum is about and to avoid any situations where personal attacks are being made or new members are flooding the forum with images. Such posts will find themselves sent to the digital graveyard very quickly.

    So, be nice, be honest...and have fun!

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    "Who should give critiques?"

    Who should give critiques...

    In a nutshell...anyone! Do not be afraid to give or request feedback. A lot of people say that they do not feel qualified, or that critiques strike fear into their hearts! ...but a critique is really just verbalizing what your eyes already know. As long as you can qualify why you like or do not like something with a logical can give a good critique! If you are unsure how to proceed, spend some time looking at how other's give comments. There are several members here who give very good and very detailed critiques. If you like the way someone has treated you and given you advice, follow their example.

    Also, don't be afraid to comment on work of those you consider to be at a more advanced level...or that of professionals (photographer's artists, etc...) Even Pro's can still learn a great deal from a beginner...and most of the time, they will appreciate the comments regardless of your skill level. During my brief experience as an Art graduate student I had the chance to critique one of my own professor's paintings (talk about being scared!). He brought out a painting that he said he had been having trouble with and had worked on for over two weeks and asked us to critique it for him. A couple people made a few vague comments about the colors and brush strokes...but as soon as he brought the painting out, I could see a very basic composition mistake. His paintings were supposed to be full of energy and life but in this one, he had unwittingly divided the composition right down the middle...making for a very static and boring image. Now, this professor and I never really saw eye to eye on anything, so I was more than happy to turn the tables on him and point out this mistake! To his credit, the light bulb went off in his head and he started laughing at his own mistake...and made a comment to the extent of "sometimes we get so close to our work that we can't see the forest from the trees"...and then thanked me for being brave enough to point out the glaring basic composition mistake in front of everyone. (not that any bravery was really involved...I just blurted out what seemed obvious to me without really thinking!). The point of that anecdote is that no one should be afraid to comment on work, even the work of seasoned pros...most of us are far more qualified than we realize!

    So, take a look at the guidelines posted here and then feel free to post. Don't let fear prevent you from making what are likely very constructive comments...and most of all keep in mind that we are all learning and we are all open to new suggestions.
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      Hi Greg,
      I read the guidelines and agree. Now I am seeking a bit of help with some old photos that have deviled me for a long time. I just posted one of the four; one is an almost orginal (only despeckling was done) the other is my best effort to date. Any help will be greatly apreciated. Aarius
      my home page is:


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        This is the place to be :d

        This is exactly what I been looking for.

        Firstly, I am a newbie on here...hesitant to post.. for fear I'd incur the wrath of the High & Mighty

        Most often I feel sincere healthy criticism would help more than a "Awesome Work!!"- pat on the back.

        I just posted something in this regard on another page of RetouchPro. And then I surfed up over here...Glad I did

        I'd just love it if ANYONE out there would look into the images I posted in my gallery and burst my inflated ego

        I would be glad to give sincere opinions and share whatever little skills I have learnt with others on here.

        Please forgive me if I delay in responding to posts, as my work as a software programmer hounds me every single day.


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          I can't seem to find you in the Gallery section.



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            Sorry Duv,
            Im new on here and still finding my way aroud the menus.

            This link should take u to the section where i've posted my entries. Im sorry for the inconvenience.


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