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Advice on giving a good critique

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  • G. Couch
    "What is this Forum?...and who should give critiques?"
    by G. Couch
    This is basically a forum for getting honest and direct feedback on your work. This can be any type of image from a Restoration to Photo Art. A critique is meant to be a tool for learning and if you post in this forum you will hopefully receive constructive feedback on your image's strengths and weaknesses,...
    06-01-2003, 02:48 PM
  • chris h
    Rating Images
    by chris h
    Whats the opinion of members as regards rating of work on Retouch ? I think its superfluous and demeaning in some ways, let the criticism/acclaim be in the response posts. Thoughts ?
    09-09-2002, 05:24 AM
  • Gigadals
    comments and critique please...
    by Gigadals
    just playing around, critique me please.. appreciate it.. thanks!

    04-05-2006, 10:01 PM
  • G. Couch
    Guidelines - Required Reading before posting!
    by G. Couch
    These are important guidelines to follow when posting in this forum. I am going to ask that prior to posting here, everyone read these and acknowledge that they have, either in this thread or send me a PM...I know that sounds pretty strict but it will hopefully help avoid any situations of posters making...
    06-01-2003, 02:56 PM
  • blue dog
    Is This Where I File My Complaints?
    by blue dog
    I joined this site a few months ago to try and improve my skills with a goal of being able to make some small living from it. Prior to finding Retouch Pro, I thought that I was ready to go, but a little tour of people's work here convinced me that I had a long way to go.

    So, its not all...
    08-10-2006, 10:02 AM