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A Gentle Reminder... "compliment only" or "Kudo" posts are discouraged.

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  • A Gentle Reminder... "compliment only" or "Kudo" posts are discouraged.

    I know I sound like a real prude... but please remember that posts that only say "Great job!", "I love it!", etc... are not allowed in this forum. You can certainly say all those things in a post, but you are expected to "flesh out" and detail your comments a bit more extensively...explain why you like it, perhaps suggestions to make it even better, etc.. This is a new forum with some unique guidelines, so I am not going to get too strict about this for awhile...but at some point, everyone who posts "kudo" only messages will be sent straight to detention!

    The purpose of this is so we can keep one area for in-depth discussions and critique. This is an area were someone could hopefully get their image torn to shreds if they a considerate and nice way of course! I know that might sound strange...but it's my hope that anyone who posts here can expect to get VERY honest and in-depth opinions of their work. I might, for example, post an image no one likes...and I would except to get that opinion expressed in this forum! We need to keep this forum free of so-called "kudo" posts for this reason...these types of posts are fine for any other area of the site and we all love to get them, but I want to discourage them for this area. Take an extra minute or two to explain why you think an image is "great"...and perhaps express some of the things you might not like as much.

    Hopefully I am not ruffling too many feathers here...if so, I apologize.
    Last edited by G. Couch; 06-06-2003, 06:49 AM.

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    Thanks for the reminder, Greg. It is disappointing to see a new post listed only to find it contains no useful info, just a single word or line! If you like something please say WHY you like it, giving specifics, and if there is something you think could be improved, suggest HOW.

    If you just want to give a quick compliment, you can always send a PM to the poster.



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      Well, Greg, I wanted to comment on the image(s) you have here in your post. I found the use of yellow a little excessive. The images themselves were rather small, and their placement in the whole tended to lead my eye off to the right and off the page. I have seen images from you in the past that weren't so round and yellow looking, and was disappointed in seeing you limit yourself in this fashion with this posting.


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        BN and I seem to have a similar sense of humor
        Learn by teaching
        Take responsibility for learning


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          I'm working with a limited palette...perhaps I should expand my smilie palette and delve into other hues?


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            Someone posted an attachment here of a supremely goofy looking bird. I was thinking we could adopt it as our mascot. It would be known by its cry of "Kudo! Kudo! Kudo!"

            I wish I could find it.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning


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              Perhaps someone could write a "bot" program that scans for keywords and short "kudo" posts in this forum...and then the bot posts a "kudo alert" automatically! Maybe that bird could be it's avatar?


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                It's actually a very good question...and there seems to be a bit of confusion on this. A "kudo post" is really when someone just posts a one sentence "That's great!" type of comment. You can certainly post nothing but praise for an image...I have no problem with that at all. I just want to see the praise fleshed out a bit. What is it that makes the image so spectacular? What makes it "wonderful" or "great"?

                It's really just a matter of expanding on your comments beyond just basic one sentence responses. On the other end of the spectrum, no one should post "I dislike this!" and not expand on the reasons why they dislike the image.


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                  Re: A Gentle Reminder... "compliment only" or "Kud

                  Hey Couch, great job on this post... I love it.


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                    Re: A Gentle Reminder... "compliment only" or "Kud


                    Words well taken and I confess to my sins. The writer in me finds it hard to edit my long-winded posts and I too am shameful for the short, 5-word posts. I try to remember to add it to my first post as an edit but I love the sound of my own voice so much I tear into a rant. The editors for the magazines pick on me constantly for thinking my words are so important and actually use one article to make two at times. I also am so sensitive about offending anyone at all by making comments and ideas that half of my posts are apologies. Sorry.

                    You make a very valid point so don't be afraid of offense.



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