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Simple, yet strong

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  • Simple, yet strong

    Hi__Just want to share. There are no garments or cosmetics, only an ear loop. Yet, there's much strength and character in this portrait of a beautiful young black child___MH
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    there's much strength and character in this portrait -- Murray
    I quite agree, Murray! A lovely head study.


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      I like the texture and soft details in this. The downward look creates a feeling of sadness or meditation. There may be a slight purple cast to this image, but with color you can produce a variety of psychological moods in your images.

      For instance, if you changed the background color to a cool hue you would be amazed in how much it would change the mood created by this image. Cool colors such as violet help to slow down the perception of time and express sadness, trust and loyalty. Purple is also associated with dignity, respect, and used to suggest luxury and nobility.

      I might tone down the hotspot on the forehead and the white area around the hair, but overall nicely done Murray.