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  • Nonpainted painting

    I'm kind of between a good photographer and a good Photoshop dabbler, and much of my work reflects that--it's an OK shot, but with some cleanup it's not bad.

    I'd appreciate some comments on this bit. It's a "studio" portrait, but I had to do more tweaking than I'd intended to get what I wanted. Did I do enough? Is it clean (at this resolution, at least)? What else should be done?



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    I'm impressed with the overall setup of the shot, and the work you did to change the color of her garment -- especially where you covered the open spot under her arm -- nicely done, and I wouldn't have suspected any retouching there without seeing the before image.

    I also like how you handled the blown-out highlights on her forehead.

    I would agree with Mauler that the wrinkles are quite noticeable in her garment, and are distracting.

    As far as the focus of the background -- I think it would depend on whether there was a reason to show a "sense of place" or concentrate only on the lovely woman. The top part of the curtain could add a framing effect, but I don't think it is necessary.

    You have a lot to be proud of with this shot.


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      Great job on her skin tone and jowl. I am guessing that the difference in colors is overall color correction? Very Nice.

      I agree about smoothing the wrinkles more. Horizontal ones only, accentuate all of the vertical wrinkles to give her shape.

      I like the curtain on top, you might want to level it out, or rotate the whole photo to level it. Although you are photographing the scene at a slight angle which leads one to accept it as normal perpective, the vertical line of the material coming off of the table is tilted also which leads me to think the whole photo should be straightened. Leaving her tilted does give her more of a sense of movement.

      Nice pose on the lady. Nice vignette work, very natural. Just the right amount of hair light for seperation and mood.

      I think there is not as much drama here as there could be, in the lighting or posing ... but it is very good.

      With the main light into her chest it makes her a little 'wider', but it is handled well with the hand on her hip to give her curves and to show her waist, her left leg out and over is excellent. The cropping makes her feal a little wider because of how she is crowded from the sides, the focus is no longer on the height, but if you are cropping for a traditional shape for sales you might be stuck with it. The only other thing you might do is 'cheat' a little and stretch the image (8x10 resampled to 8x10.5?).



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        This is a really exciting image. It is the kind of thing I usually don't like - a photo that shows an obviously modern woman in a faux medieval environment. Usually I would toss this in with all the civil war photo studio shots that you buy at the county fair.

        But you have captured something really nice here...the "come hither" look in the eyes, the curves, and open pose makes this into an outstanding portrait where it might have been a dud.

        The combination of the pose and the severe all-covering brownish garment lend the whole thing an air of fantasy and of promises hinted at.

        It is a very sexy photo - your model must be thrilled with it.

        Oh by the way - retouching well done - got rid of the right amount of wrinkles - great retouch of the levels - I like that you got rid of the flash of skin at the armpit. Good crop.

        Not trying to offend more sensitive readers with this critique - so apologies if I have - just calling them like I see them.


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          Thanks, all for your comments. I've cleaned up the upper curtain--still can't decide whether to just take it out or not, as the top edge is kind of 'blah' without it, but it's not working quite right either.

          This was the only complex set we did; all the others from that session were very minimal, mostly against seamless backgrounds. Those required very little touch-up. This one...

          Feel free to be much harsher as well. ANYTHING that's not working (other than the subject herself, please) is open to comments.


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