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    Dear all,
    Here is something a little fun for change, it took several hours to achieve the final result.

    I had some problems with finding a similar Font, so after failing i had to completely remove the original Font and type over it with mine to maintain the same proportion and colors.

    It was very difficult to find a pose of my face that would blend with the original smoothly, the hair is not mine, so to blend my photo colors with the original involved some playing with the Variations, and Curves options.

    One other thing, there was an obvious difference in the texture of both scannned images due to different paper qualities, so i had to add some fake textures and smooth some parts.

    Also used the Burning tool to darken parts of my face to get the correct shadows direction.

    Have fun :p
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    Good job, but all I can say is "You wish"
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Great job Mo! That's just what we need. Something to lighten the air a little. Obviously, you have an understanding wife if you're married.



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        Hey Mo,
        That's excellent. You did a great job of putting yourself in the scene and making it work. It's definately a fantasy shared by millions of men everywhere.


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          I particularly like the snake skin suit worn by the lawyer !
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            That is an excellent photo.

            I was wondering how you matched the font from the original. (Do they have teams that simply create the font for that specific ad/poster?)

            I thought you did an excellent job on how you got the lighting properties to be fairly close.

            I'm trying something along the same lines myself.

            I used to work for Kellogg Foods and they made some Boxes of Cereal with my picture on it. I'm planning on having my pic taken out and have some family members thrown in.



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              Excellent work!! Have you considered writing a tutorial on how you did that photo? I sure wish you would, I could use a whole bunch of tips and techniques. Fantastic job. Tom


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                A star is born... Great job. A tutorial would be cool!!


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                  Good idea Tom. A tutorial would be great! How 'bout it Mo?



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                    Personally, I love this kind of thing. It's my favorite things to do in photoshop. If anyone is interested in tutorials for this kind of thing you're welcome to e-mail me and I'll send you the link. The link goes to a site with nudity so I don't want to post the link here.

                    [email protected]

                    really nice fake, btw


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                      Great job! Nice blending. Great photo choice.I love doing these myself.

                      The only thing that I noticed, was that the poster has more of an airbrushed look to it. I hope you don't mind, but I ran a couple filters on this to see if I could make you look more airbrushed.
                      This is what I came up with.
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                        Thank you all for all those warm messages, I am glad everyone smiled I know I needed that myself

                        On Rick's font question:
                        As you may know there are many Font Families and Styles, two of the main ones are Serif fonts (Times, Palatino, Bodony.. etc) and Sans-Serif fonts (Verdana, Helvetica.. etc) I started to compare the characters and proportions till I found a close match then stretched it horizontally to match the original look.

                        For Mig:
                        Thank for the tip, I’ll be glad to see your examples too if possible, I promise I wouldn't check the nude ones heheh my email is [email protected]

                        For Vikki:
                        Thanks a million, you did a great job although my eyes are originally hazel not that dark, but I look nice airbrushed too

                        Have a lovely day you all

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                          Nice touch you did there with the getting rid of the glare. What filters did you use?

                          I was going to try to use some fo the techiques that were used in the restoration books.


                          <looks for some pennies>


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                            Very nice and these sorts of things are cool. Some programmer friends and I like to do this sort of thing and some of them know the basics of photoshop. Anyhow you should find one that one of these guys did of me, it was really funny!!
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                              That's cute. You realize this may be how you are pictured here from now on though. Just kidding


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