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    Hi to All__While sitting with other residents in my community, I observed the light as it fell on one the residents (an 88 year old) and i asked if i could photograph him. I had my trusted old Sony D770 (1 1/2 megapixel camera) and photographed him seated on a bench with a cluttered background of building and shruberry.

    I used Studio Artist 2.0, Corel Photo-Paint 10, Painter 7 and Photo Elements 2.0 and many hours to complete this Photo/Painting, which I consider to be among my best. Let me know your reaction to this style of portrait___MH
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    Hi Murray,

    Welcome aboard! I think the new background looks great! The portrait says a lot about the gentleman. I have to be honest about my reaction to the image.....Although I think the portrait shows a lot of personality, my personal opinion is that the drawn in collar competes with the face for attention. I think it's too obvious that part of the image is a photograph, and the other is hand drawn (even though you've done a good job with it). It would be better, in my opinion, to have a white (or light gray) shirt showing against the background for a rather high key portrait. You did a fine job of capturing the personality of the gentleman.



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      Very nice. I think that many would have been tempted to go for a strong painterly effect with this photo - but I think that would have been an error. By applying the texture and sketched collar to this portrait, you have touched on the essentials of a painted portrait without cluttering it with a lot of faux brush strokes and daubs. I applaud your subtlty. It would have been easy to overdo this one.

      I really like what you have done with the drawn collar and bolo tie. With the model's neatly combed hair, it lends a formality to the shot that I am sure that he is very happy with. I also like how the collar is an outline only - but that the tie is fully sketched and toned. Contrary to Ed's opinion - I think the collar greatly enhances the shot. But I guess that's why multiple people give opinions, eh?

      The vignette works very well for drawing attention to his face. The very first thing I noticed was the light in his right eye - very nice.

      Anything I don't like? I am not too crazy about the dark patch at the top right of his head just under his hair line - and the dark smears above and to the lower right of his left eye. I think you might consider lightening those bits up a bit if you decide to open this one up again.

      Well done.


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        Portrait Verisimo

        Hi to All and thanks for your comments on my recent "Old and Dignified". How much truth should be in a portrait ? I've decided, after much deliberation, that as much as possible without being cruel to the sitter in order to maintain a reality for the viewer as well as the photographer.

        Image software makes cosmetic surgeons of us, but I work very hard at balancing Art, Truth and Flattering the sitter. Truth is beauty and there is Beauty in Truth___I think I'm getting carried away with my ruminations.

        I find my "Collar Treatment" adds so much to the portrait___MH


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          WOW! That is my opinion in a nutshell! Of course since I agreed to abide by the rules, I had to go back and look closer and flesh out my thoughts on this one.

          When I read your intro and saw you were using a 1.5 megapixel camera, I thought, well what can one do with such a small ccd? I see now that your skills are with the software and your artistic abilities. I must say I was pleasantly surprised upon opening your image!

          My nit on this one, would be really simple,... not enough detail from the neck on down. I would have liked to have seen his shoulders, and more of his torso in detail. I think everything else about this image is absolutely beautiful! It hits home with a very clear message of dignity and pride in our older citizens, and I personally find this very impressive to see. So many times the elderly are forgotten, and left by the wayside. I have found them to be the most bountiful supply of personality, charm and years of wisdom that is out there. Great work, absolutely great.



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            Hi Murray,

            It's hard not to agree with the other post. As far as to how much "truth" one should show in a portrait, I guess that will always be a subjective topic. I agree with your thoughts on this particular image.

            You managed to capture subtle details, which I'm sure are part of this individuals character. I would have enjoyed seeing the original photograph as a comparison. It's a bit easier to appreciate the time, effort and skills used.

            Still . . . nicely done.


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              Old and Dignified

              Hi to All and thanks for your interest and comments. As you will see from the enclosed original, that this is very close to a candid with no real preparation other than look this way. But I did have some previous contact and conversation with the sitter giving me some insight. With respect for the age of the sitter, the whole session took about five minutes.

              Best to All_____MH
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                I Like it even better now. Even the dark spot that I didn't like is authentic. Well done.


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