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  • Vambo

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    Last edited by Toad; 07-22-2003, 09:55 PM.

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    What is this totem poll looking thingie anyway?
    Wrong question...FB

    WHY is this thing, and why did I post this thing here would be better questions.


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      I think you succeeded in making something that is unusual and exotic. The blending of the photographic face into the mask lends a creepy feel of something not quite right going on. I might be inclined to center the nose, but then again, that might make it less creepy.

      The mouth below the mask adds to the unusual feel, but it also creates two centers of attention rather than supporting the first, and without an overall layout to support two centers of attention. If you like the mouth, maybe you could put it on the mask, But not in the position of a mouth. Maybe smaller and angled on the forehead. That would be creepy, but it also might not work. It would have to be tested.

      The background near the top goes with the mask feel. The bottom right and left feel sort of like quick addons. So I would either eliminate these, do a better blending these in (meaning light, contrast and edges), or make them stand out as panels at the bottom. Or get more and surround the picture. But as with anything, the testing would determine if this works.


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        why did I post this thing here ... Toad
        You certainly do have a different perspective than I, and I imagine that you were willing to dare showing this to a lot of folks like me (it's not to my taste) to find a few other folks who share your slant on life, art, etc.

        Since I don't understand it, I can be totally off in my comments, but here's my reaction:

        The eyes (or eye sockets?) GRABBED my attention

        The snake in the tree looks great (don't know why its there, but it looks great).

        The sunlight doesn't work for me -- it's not hitting the snake, it's too strong on the "pole" and at the top right where it's burned (or is that lens flare) around the plant. Is the plant part of the original shot? It doesn't help the image.

        Don't know whether the opinions of a person who doesn't "get" what you're doing will help. I have admired a number of your works submitted in the Challenges -- whether I understood them or not.


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          Thank you CJ - I know that you have always been supportive of whatever the heck it is that I am trying to do - even though it often must be a strain.

          Honestly, I didn't really post this one for feedback - I am pretty aware of where the technical flaws in it are - and what are it's strengths. You guys are saying things that I agree with.

          My goal was to try to elicit emotional response - whether good or bad. I have posted this a few places and typically the response has been muted to outright abusive - so in that sense it has worked pretty well in what I set out to do. A very small handful of people have liked it, and that is nice too - because as you say, it helps to identify people who share my peculiar slant on "art".

          The people at RetouchPro are polite - so your comments have been less extreme than most.

          I can do nice pictures, but honestly I have found that less personally fulfilling. For myself - I like images that make me stop and look at them hard. For things that grab me, I am pretty tolerant of technical flaws.

          I don't think that Vambo is a particularly "good" picture. It is kind of tricky for the sake of being tricky, and is not refined or subtle in it's approach. I set out to do a stream of conciousness thing where images and symbols are intertwined and where I have conciously tried to remove the concepts of time and of narrative flow.

          Think of a dream... how things move from event to event without a strong sense of continuity. The 3 faces in Vambo (including the little one on top) are all versions of the same person's conciousness but where the sense of self and the environment is fluid.

          I don't think that it worked particularly well.

          I guess what I am after is to challenge people to step outside of the usual bounds of what you are comfortable with. It does not have to be weird (like this rubbish), but don't be afraid to try something new or stretch the envelope of what you think others may find acceptable.

          Sorry to sound like such an pretentious idiot.



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            Toad, you have to understand that in my dreams I am often doing the mundane things that I do when I'm awake. Every few weeks I'll have some dreams that take me away from the mundane and drop me into strange places, events, and times -- so something in me is trying to keep that part from falling asleep forever. Maybe I'd understand more and appreciate better when I'm asleep during one of "those" dreams.

            You got an emotional reaction from the Mauler -- I'm sure there are others here that will respond from the gut.

            Anyway, whatever it is that you're doing -- keep it up! You always end up working on something that I like, even if for different reasons than you intended.


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              emotional reaction - a fascinating and somewhat terrifying face to look at. The little face appears to be in control by being at the top of his head... a higher brain I suppose. It's like he is pulling the levers behind this hollow eyed creature. The snake screams cliché symbolism to me, but I like the mystery and dreamlike quality the overall image has.

              ...and your way of working in a "stream of consciousness" is similar to how I like to work on my own art. As you mentioned, it does have some technical flaws that could be fixed to make it a stronger image...but I kept looking at it far longer than most images.


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                Ah yes - the are right - totally cliche - only mildly acceptable because of all the other Mumbo Jumbo faux Voodoo imagery scattered about. Good catch.


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                  Weird is absolutely correct!

                  Well, I havent been around the site in awhile, but I must say this image certainly surprised me! I really think you did a great job of melding the different aspects of this image together, there is no blatently obvious lines between parts. I agree the snake is cool looking, although I absolutely hate the things! I also found the bottom mouth a bit discerning, out of place maybe. It just doesnt quite fit the flow. The side of your pole is also a noticeable area to me. I agree with another poster who stated it looked cut off. I like the sunlight, or light comming through on the left, just wish there could have been more.

                  Truely an interesting image! Can't wait to see what you do next.



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