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    Hi to All___This is my first attempt at this style of impasto painting and I am looking forward to your comments of your impressions.

    Painter 7's program contributed the most to the portrait, which started as a qne megapixel photograph taken with my Fuji 2800 (6X lens) at sundown__ Auto exposure ______MH
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    I think that you have a very nice touch for this type of portrait. I like your style of getting in close and eliminating extraneous detail such as the shoulders, background, etc. etc.

    I also like that this "painting" style is not overblown or overdone - with a lot of faux brush strokes and daubs. Don't get me wrong - that style works very well with some photos - but I tend not to like it much with portraits unless it is totally supported by classical lighting. With the sundown lighting in this portrait, I think that would have been an error - so I am happy to see that your paint technique is primarily simplification. I am a big fan of simpification as a technique - I think it gives very subtle yet very painterly results.

    The dabbed texture in the background does a great job of blending in the fairly brutal selection in the hair area. Great technique - I will remember that one.

    So enough about the techniques - I usually am way more interested in the artistry. What I think you do very well in your portraits - both this and the previous one with the sketched shirt - is empathise with your subjects. I don't see a trace of condensation, patronizing, or distance in your captures. The faces shine out from the canvas as living breathing people who look like they would be really fun to talk to. This is really rare in photos of seniors - who usually are portrayed as wise and distant or alternately feeble and past it. Keep up the great work.



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      Wow again!

      You are really very good at these! I am so impressed with the detail, and the way the image seems to almost jump off the screen, or page I am sure if seen on paper. WoW! You are really quite good at this!

      For me personally though, I do once again have a hang up. And once again it is with the missing parts. I know many like this, and I may be so far off base to even bring it up, but it still bothers me. He seems to be a floating face. No offense meant, it is just how I perceive it.

      I have a picture of my grandfather, which I took last summer using a sony cybershot, DSCS-75 [3.3 megapixel]. It is in black and white. He passed away Thursday morning. I was wondering what you might charge to do the same thing with his portrait? He was 86, and a World War II veteran. He served in the Phillipians in the 50s. Just thought I would ask. I had a special thing with grandpa, and although he could not talk or respond, when I went to see him Wednesday, he cried, and nearly came out of his chair in response. It was tough, but I knew he was there inside the old and wasted body and I knew he was trying to communicate. I love my b/w image of him, but after seeing your last two, I would love to see you do your magic on my image of grandpa. Let me know if you are interested. His funeral is Monday, but I would like this for my own personal reasons.

      Again, your work is phenominal!!! I can not wait to see the next one.



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        Hi__Thanks for your enthusiastic comments and I'm flattered by your request. I'm sorry for your loss and I respect your sentiments.

        I'm unable to undertake the portrait request as I must take the original photograph under lighting conditions of my choice in color, but I thank you for your confidence in my work___Other work in process soon____MH


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          Totally understandable. I guess it is also a good reason to check into that type of work and figure out how to do it. There is also something good to come of every request made. Keep making these images, they are awesome.



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            I tend to agree with NiteOwl that the "floating" effect bothers me. I think it's the background that's doing it - if it were white or off-white you would get an unreserved "wow" from me (but then I wouldn't be able to post it, because we're not supposed to post unreserved "wow"s). The background does really detract, in my opinion.

            And I would love to know more (in outline, at least) about how you achieved this effect - have you considered posting a tutorial or description elsewhere on the site?


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