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  • Photo Montage: Amanda

    I am only adding the link for this, as the size is quite huge. I try and pull out the personality of each person that I do one of these for, and try to come up with something totally new and original for each one. I tried to pull in some music effects because she is involved in a chorus which travels and tours as well as competes. I personally am not happy with the shadows at this point and will no doubt need to tweak them in order to get the desired effect. All comments are greatly appreciated.


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    Very nice. I have been following this technique since you first showed it to us. It is very creative, and has a lot of applications. The music theme on this one has a good unifying effect - much like the Shadowbox. Helps smooth the images together and provide an overall cohesion.

    I find the shadows a bit disconcerting. I know why they are there but they make the scene feel a bit britle and dangerous - I'll try to explain what I mean...

    Take the cases of Amanda lying on the top bar (top right and sitting on the bar (bottom right). The shadows indicate that the background that they are cast on is very close - essentially right behind the subjects. Both these poses have Amanda "balanced" on the lines, and with the background that close, it looks like the background crowds the subjects - like Amanada will fall forwards off the line - being pushed by the background. I am not sure that I am making myself clear here. Sorry.

    If the shadows were less distinct or "longer", the feeling of space might be opened up a bit and this might not be as visually disturbing to me.

    I think this is a great technique. Shadows are bloody difficult to nail - especially when they are cast on something artificial.


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      Thanks guys....

      Thank you so much for your comments. I am mostly interested in opinions, and how it makes you feel. This gives me alot of information to work with as far as improving this. Thanks again for all the great input!

      I do see what you mean by the spacial attributes and the shadows. I knew something was not right with these, but just couldnt quite put my finger on it. I believe you have nailed it perfectly. Thanks for your insite and good eye.


      PS...when I do the final, I will post again, that is when you will see how I utilize all your comments.
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        Hello PJ from a former DPReviewer!

        Your photography is looking great, with exception of only the highlight on the image on the right side. Great poses, lighting, etc... (I know youweren't looking for a photo critique, but i just though you'd want to know that it's looking great!)

        On to the montage...
        Overall, I like the effect. It makes a great first impression, and most of the small issues talked about aren't glaring problems, but we are perfectionists, aren't we? The only thing i would say is that it looks a little busy to me. I wonder if there is one image too many, or perhaps a little too much in the background itself.

        It's good seeing your work. have a good one!


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          Thanks former DPReviewer!

          Hey, I was a bit surprised, especially that you seem to have caught my screen name here in relation to my DPReview screen-name,...I would say you a very observant person!

          Thanks for your comments, and yes, I am STILL struggling with lighting, and getting good focus, but it is so nice to hear I am improving. Thank you.

          I have been battling with the busyness of this one, as I usually do. I try adding, then removing, and rearrange a million much time involved in getting it just right. This is my first run on this one, so hopefully, my next try will be better yet. Thanks for your input and comments. Glad you came over to Retouch, this is really a great site and the people here are absolutely wonderful!

          Take care,
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