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  • Fantasy Horse

    Hello -

    I'm thinking of creating notecards of this image printed on Arches watercolor paper.

    Several different filters and actions were used, including Tom Nelson inspired Watercolor and Jaseck's Dream Effect, as well as adjustments.
    I could probably never create the exact same effect as I didn't record it.

    Any feed back or comments would be appreciated.

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    Very pretty. The proud stance of the pony and the fluffy tail add motion to the shot that is often missing in a still photo of a standing horse.

    The effects work well with this shot - giving the whole thing a light hearted fantasy feeling. I can see this one being a favorite pinup for young girls (girls all like horses don't they?).

    I think your plan to print this on Watercolor paper and market it as a notecard is appropriate for this image and that it will sell.

    Good luck!


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      The original snapshot was one of several given to me as reference photos for an oil painting of this horse.

      Don- I agree with you on the pose, which is why I didn't choose this one as the basis for the painting. I did at one point have a more subdued version as far as the colors, but kept going back to this one. This is such a departure from my usual work, (traditional print enhancement and oil painting without a computer) which is usually very toned down, muted and subtle.

      Toad - You're right on the mark with my intentions for selling the image. My daughter has just started showing her horse and we plan to frequent a lot of shows! The owner of this one was kind enough to give me releases for anything I choose to do with her snapshots.

      I appreciate both of your comments and observations.

      Anyone else?


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        Hi Dserkin,

        Love the colors in this only question would be about the nose and mouth area. It just doesn't look quite right like maybe something is missing?

        Might be that it's just me but wanted to mention it.

        I own a horse which looks quite similar to this one and you have inspired me to try this type of effect with one of his pictures. Of course I am partial to pastels and you've captured all my colors in this one...very nice!


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          Hello Chris -

          Nice to meet another "horse person"!
          You're right about the mouth/nose area. I looked at the original photo and the horse has a very light pinkish color in that area, right beside a grey area. The way the light is hitting that spot combined with the filters did weird things. I may have to make some changes at some point.
          Thanks for your comments.