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Kinda of a charcoal-like sketch

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  • Kinda of a charcoal-like sketch

    Comments, suggestions please.

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    Nice sketch effect. There are only 2 things I would nit-pic. The gum line of the upper right central incisor is a little too dark and would look better (IHMO) if softened. The other is that her hair on the lower left is a little blockier and less sketchy than it is everywhere else--is there anyway to get the variations in tone and texture that you see in the rest of her hair in that one place?

    Make that 3 things. As a female, I'd suggest softening the shadow under her nose before you show it to her. We women can be touchy about stuff like that.


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      Your points are excellent, C...

      After you stare at something for a long time, the obvious (and not so obvious) get lost in the glare.

      Had never considered the "nose shadow" issue. Might be a good idea for anyone to get their stuff critiqued before delivering it.

      Big thx. - djr


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        I'd probably never have thought to notice the nose thing either, but I"ve been thumbing through Scott Kelby's Photoshop for Digital Photographers book this week and it has an extensive section on retouching faces (and a special section on women's faces). This book also has curves starting to click (finally) for me. The book is for retouchers rather than arty effects types and very easy to follow.


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