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    Last edited by Toad; 07-22-2003, 09:53 PM.

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    Hi Toad

    I like the colours of the sky and the skeleton tree. Is this creature in the middle howling at the moon? For all I know the composition is not quite right for me : too much empty space at left, the stump and the lying creature are a bit out of the image. The glowing eyes could be more glowing, even green or yellow to complement the purple-blue. The mountain colors suit the picture but they are there and not there (too low?). You only know what you wanted to end with so take my comments with a pinch of salt and no offense.




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      I should clarify what I am going for with the composition as everyone is remarking on it. The composition is intended to establish a triangle of tension - a fairly classic theme in symbolic art (eg: The Lovers Tarot Card).

      The cowled figure stares at the creature on the left - the creature on the left stares at the creature on the right - the creature on the right stares at the cowled figure. A closed triangle of tension or a Mexican Standoff.

      The creature on the right is intended to be only slightly visible - to give the impression of an indeterminate number of creatures. I experimented with many positionings and I was most happy with him/it being only faintly visible.

      The empty landscape and low mountain is intended to establish the empty blasted heath look that I thought was important for this shot.

      Thanks for the feedback.


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        Sorry guys

        It's of course the space to the right that I was talking about.
        The right side of the picture



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