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  • Larry

    Hi to All__I"m very happy with the results of this photo/painting of a biker. I use the 3S formula___simple, sharp and saleable.

    your comments are welcome____MH
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    Very nice, crisp and bright.

    I don't think I've ever seen you do something in this style, I like it.

    The only thing that seems distracting are the bare arms, they seem thick to me. JMHO


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      Except for the flat perspective noted by others, I really like this effect. Is there a tutorial available for this technique? Thanks.


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        The Chips theme song is playing in my head...

        This is a good example of why art teachers always tell students to paint from real life whenever possible, rather than using photos as their only reference...the camera lens has flattened the perspective and given an unrealistic look to the man's arms. There needs to be a great deal more foreshortening in order to give the image the proper other words, his torso and head should be made smaller and hands larger.

        I like the reflections on the bike and the technique you used really accentuates those. It would be interesting to see those reflections repeated in the man's sunglasses as well.


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