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New girl pic and fix it...

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  • New girl pic and fix it...

    messed with whit balance in levels. removed background to her left. Did I miss anything?

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    Wonderfull feel in this photo.

    Only thing I find distracting is the shiny spot where her armpit is on the right side of the photo. Everywhere else it is soft smooth and sultry



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      I like it. The blue channel is pretty much broken though.
      You might want to consider adding more shine to it. It's a touch dull.
      Don't mind me please, I can't even resist an ugly face. It's a disease.

      Good job on this, but it could be even better.

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        Yes Mig that does look good. How about the steps or something pointing towards them, I like your work.


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          If the new tutorial section is easy to do I'll put something there using a different picture. What makes this look good can be applied to many different types of pictures.



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