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  • My technique

    Does this look OK? I've not had much luck smoothing out skin textures, so last night I started experimenting with different techniques and this is what I came up with.

    Does it have any merit?

    thanks for looking!
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    Because the face looks very natural (to me), I'd say you've been paying attention to your learning sources. Nicely done.

    If you were to stop here (and I don't get the impression that's your intent), to me the very nicely retouched face looks a bit out of place compared to the rest of the image. It's like repainting a room... it's hard to stop with just one wall.


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      Would you like to reveal what process you used?


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        The skin looks pretty good. I have to agree with Danny that the face looks out of place with the rest of the Image, of course I dont know if you are done with it yet.

        I did a tutorial on smoothing skin tones/textures here
        I hope this helps.


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          I started out with the

          quick mask in Noko's tutorial, but then I did a lot of trial and error by selecting a color on the face and then doing FILL and then adjusting the opacity.

          Next I proceeded with the clone tool and healing brush.

          I am just now leaving the novice stage in PS and I don't understand a lot of the tuts I try to follow.

          So I just try to wing it.

          and yes, I will complete the whole photo. I was just experimenting with the skin, because I've not found a technique that 'works' for me.


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