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  • My first restoration...


    This is my first post of my first proper restoration so be gentle! The original picture was from a passport sized photo of my grandad when he was young, not too sure about the exact date.

    I basically used the dust and scratches filer then spent ages with the healing and clone tool. Did a few touch ups with shadows, blurring etc.

    I'm pretty happy with the result - I know i could make some changes but any more time spent on it could drive me insane!

    Anyway, comments and pointers much appreciated.


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    and the restored photo...
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      The only thing I could comment on is the lack of a slight downward ending on the outer side of the right eye and eyebrow (our left). That is unless you have other sources that show this as a real feature.

      Other than that you could leave it as it is (for an antique look) or just do some general cleanup.


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        yeah someone else pointed that out so i'll have a shot at fixing it. When you're spending so long on a piece of work it's sometimes hard to see the picture as a whole so thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!




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          I'll agree with Andrew about the eyebrow and the fold of skin directly below the eyebrow. Also as previously mentioned, there are some areas that would benifit if you were to spend a little more time on the general portions of the photograph (finishing touches). This would include evening out the background to cover the repaired areas and smoothing out the shadowed area of the face and lower neck. Afterall, you managed to completed the hard stuff quite well.

          That said, you done a good job on a difficult picture.


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