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Bas Relief filter effect

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  • Bas Relief filter effect

    I just started shooting barrel racing, however the season is now over, and I have to wait till spring to start in again....I decided to play with filter effects and came up with this image....all comments are appreciated!


    I have a bigger post at:
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    Hi NiteOwl,

    I like the pic a lot. Was this just tweaking the bas relief filter or did you use any other stuff too.
    I've tried to use the bas-relief a couple of times but couldn't get anything worhtwhile out of it. So after seeing your result I'll have to try again.
    I really like the idea of texture that flows with the lines in the photo. Nice pictures from the barrel races too! Hard to get those fast horses I imagine! What speed did you take them with?
    Sorry I'm such a nosy person!




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      Thanks for your opinions.

      Thank you both Gina and Don for your input. I gave up on filters awhile back, but then decided to give them another try. I do tweak the filter effect, but then I also go back to color/contrast and sharpening as well. Sometimes I might bounce back and forth several times. I learned that it is never as easy as just slapping on the filter.

      Thanks again for your input, and hopefully now that things are slowing down a bit, I can get back into the digital art loop again.

      Take care,

      PS Gina, I use a Sony Cybershot DSC-F717, and the fast horse shots were taken at 800 ISO.


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        I like the picture, but had to go and look at the full-sized one to get the full effect.

        The Bas-Relief seems to really "Freeze" the instant in time, which is in great juxtaposition with the content of the horse running the barrel!

        I tend to use filters quite a bit, but try to remember that they are just a tool to convey an idea through an image. If the idea does not need anything, then no filter is needed.

        By the way, I love the other work out at your album.