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    This is a passport size photo of my Mum & Dad, the original in the middle, restoration to the left & colourization to the right. I would appreciate some feed back & any pointers of how i could improve it. Thanks all.
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    I think you did a great job on the restoration!
    The coloring looks off though.
    If you're interested, here's a tutorial for coloring that produces some really good results.

    Here's a version I did, using that technique:
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      I agree good job on fixing the damage. The color one is off, its overly saturated. The color on the face is all one color. That tutorial is a good one. Make sure that you take that color out of the eyes.

      As for the restored B&W, again good job on the damage now all it needs is more snap. The photo is muddy. The darker shades need more density.


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        Thank you both for your input. I have only been doing this sorta stuff for a couple of months, so i'm still learning alot. Vikki, your version was astounding, when i get time, i'll try that method, there were a few more good tutorials on that site too that were very helpful.i agree that my restored version is "muddy" a bit more work needed there! But your comments have helped me a lot, & are greatly appreciated. Many thanks!