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  • My online portfolio

    Hi Everyone,

    My online portfolio:


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    I like the way you have your portfolio layed out. In fact Im still putting my site together and mighthave to borrow some of your ideas

    Ok about your work. I can see that you have some real talent. You do a good job on the major parts of your restorations but you miss some of the smaller details. On some of the samples I can see the small cracks and just dont look finished.

    The other thing I think you can work on is the tones in the photos. Some are a little flat and some abit contrasty.

    I didnt know if you wanted a critque on your site or on your work. I hope that you dont take my comment the wrong way. I think that you are good enugh to take it to the next level.


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      Thanks.. yes I think I need to experiment with the tones, etc a bit more.. thanks for the compliment though


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        Looks good Tyler. From one B.C. boy to another. My site will be up and running again soon, I hope.


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          Ah you're in Vancouver I see.. I'm in Nanaimo on the Island. How about this; I get Vancouver Island and you get Vancouver - deal? Hehe.


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            You bet.


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              Hope you dont mind!!

              I took a pic from your site & did my own colourization, hope you dont mind at all!
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                Hey Tyler,

                You may want to correct the text on your "home" area. You have "we can improve you photo . . ." I think you want it to read "your".

                For the most part your site is layed out in a reasonable fashion and easy to navigate.

                There are a few things that you may want to improve upon, so I thought I'd mention them.
                As indicated by "Noko" some of your examples need to be cleaned up a bit. After doing major restoration work, in order for it to be complete and "especially" having it for an example, it should be clean where any repairs were made. Afterall, this is the area that most potential customers will be looking at. It should be better than just "ok".
                Although difficult to critque photographs that are so small there does seem to be some room for improvement on color and contrast. I might suggest that you be certain that your monitor is calibrated properly. Some colors seem to be undersaturated, others seem the opposite.
                Like all of us, you'll only get better at this as time progresses, so the last thing I'd want to do is to discourage you. So I trust you'll take my comments as something constructive. I wish you the best.


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                  Another typo?

                  If you have a very specialized/custom job you want done, such as a personalized alteration for a gif

                  Did you mean gift?

                  BTW, I did look at more than typos. Nice layout. Can you really do it for those prices? Also, I am still looking for how your customers submit a job. Are you taking email only? CDs? Prints? If prints, what do you charge for scanning?



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                    Tyler - I really like your colourised work - it's something that I haven't really had a go at yet, but I always like seeing other people's results. I think the only thing that I can really say to critique your work is that I think the lips are a little "purpley" on the signed portrait. If it was mine also, I'd have to remove the stain! Unless of course it holds some significance



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