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Violin Musican - Young Boy

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  • Violin Musican - Young Boy

    This was picture that was taken at an St. James Art Fair here in Louisville KY. I have started to work with Photoartmaster. I would like to know what others think.
    Thank you
    Bob Spencer
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    Excellent work! Nice composition and color. I like the effect a lot. My only nit is the person in the background to the right is out of place and a bit distracting. Cloning them out before doing your magic in PAM might have produced a more powerful result.



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      I agree, nice work. I also agree that the guy in distracting but I would take it one step further and change the whole background, mainly at the top. I dont like the pure white. I also think the peice is too contrasty. You seem to be losing detail in the shadows and highlights.

      In viewing this on my laptop so I might be wrong. Good Job on this one and I think with a little tweaking it can be a Great Job. Good Luck.


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        I really like this picture -- a lot! When I first looked at it, what caught my eye was the intensity of the boy looking at page of sheet music, which was clearly visible.

        The color and shape contrasts work well, but I would have to agree with Catia that the person on the right is distracting. I think that to make this pop, the person would need to be replaced with some colorful geometric blocks.

        The highlight on the bottom of the violin that is blown-out also distracted me a little. I know that in the photo it was probably a reflection of the sleeve in the gloss, but it leads my eyes away from the subject.

        Keep up the work!


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