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    My first post. I'm trying to assemble a portfolio of my work and include some old prints (lost the negs) shot w/ a Canon A1. I have an advanced beginner/low intermediate knowledge of PS7. The original and "reinterpreted" images are posted here. Problems with quality of print scan, fading colors left a very soft and washed out image with a lot of grain. There are 3 layers in the PS7 version of the retouched pic - Background, Background copy w/ Watercolor filter blended w/ Overlay at 63% opacity, Saturation layer w/ Saturation turned to +25% blended w/ Color at 43% opacity. I also cropped the shot because I felt the sky added nothing and the granularity of the foreground was too distracting.
    Basically, I've tried to take a weak execution of a decent scene shot in 1980 and make it presentable in 2003.
    Please critique freely, I have very thick skin and really want to learn.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Old Print original

    Here is the original
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      Old Print (continued)

      Here is my "reinterpretation".
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        Wow! That's a great picture I like how it's just one lone person walking on the road. I like the colors giving a end of spring start of summer feel. I think the only real problem is the grain and it seem a bit too sharp. I found that in order to get rid of grain scan a picture into the PS with as high a setting as possible. Then you can reduce the picture size in PS to a more mangable working size. I think if the sharpness was reduced a bit and some black line added to the top and bottom of the pic would give this picture a film like quality... but that's just me

        Great work,



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          Its a great shot. I do, however, have to disagree with the cropping. Its strictly personal opinion but I think reducing the foreground greatly diminishes the impact of the shot.


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            Hi Larry,

            I hope you don't mind me playing with this. Sometimes I don't even know what opinion I would have without fooling with it myself.

            Did a curves adjustment for white/black points and color. Did a levels adjustment for tonal range. Cloned out a subtle dark vertical line and cropped...

            Welcome to RetouchPro!
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              Old Print

              First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their candid and thoughtful feedback.
              Jess, thank you for the suggestion of scanning at a higher resolution. I'm going to try that as well as run the image through NeatImage (just downloaded the demo) and see if that helps. I'll also try your suggestion of adding the line.
              Tim, perhaps if I can remove some noise and then perhaps try a duotone or B+W, then the sharpness of the dirt in the foreground won't be so distracting to my eye. I agree though that I lose the nice S curve of the road with this crop.
              Roger, I don't mind at all. In fact, I'm honored by your taking the time to work on my image. You have certainly cleaned it up considerably - a great job.
              Thank you all again.


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                I love this shot. I had to play around with it, I hope you dont mind. Maybe you can get an idea of what you can do with this pic.
                I did one with a painted effect, one with the color adjusted, and one with just a hint of color.

                I did these on my laptop so Im not sure if they are to light or dark lol. My versions


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                  Old Prints

                  Dear Noko,
                  Wow! I especially like numbers 2 and 3. Can you tell me how these were done. Also, I'm getting the feeling that uncropped is the way to go on this shot.


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                    I couldn't resist playing with this either.

                    I did a levels adjustment, then added a layer of a greenish blue and removed the color form where I didn't want to emphasize the greenish color, merged layers, then I did a bit of "fill flash" where the buildings are to get rid of some of the shadows, then added a layer with a white fill over the buildings. Merged again.Then I selected the sky and rendered clouds from a light blue and white.

                    Hope you like my rendition,

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                      On number 2 I added the blue to the sky, used levels to color correct, another levels adjustment layer to correct tone, selective curves for the trees in the background, hue/ Sat to bring the colors out in the trees. Here is a shot of my layers pallet.
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                        oh ya on number 3 I desaturated and just left a hint of color and added a vegnette.


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                          Margaret, thank you so much for this. I love the way you have made the trees more attractive.
                          Noko, thanks for the shot of your layers pallet. That is a great way to communicate changes.


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                            wow. So many have had a go.. i might as well then.

                            Ill went for more of a soft focus with depth of field effect.
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                              Great shot, mediacop. And great jobs everyone.
                              Only what I can think about this work is 'canvas size'.
                              Because people are supposed to appreciate a work at a distance depending on usually its canvas size.


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