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    Let the critique begin
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    A few observations...

    The background appears to be in sharper focus than the main subjects - in fact the front of the main subjects is in focus, then towards the back of them they start to go out of focus, then the background is in focus again. You can't do that with a camera. I would suggest softening the focus on the background.

    There's something wrong about her right foot. It doesn't look like it's in contact with the ground. Perhaps some kind of shadow would help - and maybe boosting the contrast on that foot a little?

    Those areas just below and just above and to the right of her left wrist - are they parts of the original background showing through? I can't quite work it out but if so you may want to address that.

    Is there a particular reason you've got rid of the statue's right arm where it curves round behind her head? From the position of his shoulder, it ought to be there unless that arm has been chopped off entirely.

    But generally a good job - the restoration has worked well and there's a good match in mood and lighting between the subject and background, which is often the most difficult thing to get right!


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      I think that you've done an excellent job on the resotration portion of this. I am especially impressed with the left foot of the statue!

      However, there are a few problems in your montage:

      First, the light-source between the foreground and background do not match. The light from the original is coming from the left and slightly behind. (Notice the highlights on the shadow's neck and the lady's arm). The light in the new background is coming from center, slightly in front. (Notice the highlights on the dormers on the roof, and the highlights and shadows of the foilage). Ideally, the two would match.

      Next, the perspective does not match. The original was taken from a high viewpoint. The "horizon line" cuts through around the lady's neck and the statue's chest. (Picture the figures as cylinderical forms, and notice where they "flatten" out). The horizion line in the new background is just below the center of the frame. (Notice how the yard "vanishes" toward a line by the lady's hip). Ideally, the two would match.

      Leah is also correct in that there is a shadow missing where the lady is standing. It looks like you might have accidentally left off the heel of her right shoe, too.

      Again, the retouch/restore is AWESOME!!! The montage is good, but attention to these types of details will make it even better.



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        You did an excellent job. Leah covered most of the little flaws, so I only have a couple things to add. Leah's complaint about the woman's right foot would probably be fixed if you put back the high heel and the back of the shoe. Then see if it still needs a shadow. It might need only a slight one between her foot and the base of the statue. You also might think about removing that odd object that is sitting on the edge of the base of the statue.


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