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  • Composition

    Just got done with this one for a client. Its for a gag Birthday present. What do you guys think? Is the head too big?

    Body Builder "Not"

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    No - the head size is good. I think this composite worked pretty well all over.

    One small quibble - the skin color on his face is not quite the same as the rest of the body - particularly under the brim of the hat. Either this area should be darkened a bit or maybe a shadow line from the hat brim added.

    Body builders cover themselves in cooking oil - PAM usually - before a show and they cover themselves overall - even the face. You may try to add a bit more of a sheen to the face to equalize with the body.

    Great effort - I love doing these things, and you have it all working here. Your friend will be really happy with it.



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      To me it seems that the body is in sharper focus than the
      head.You can see the sharp contrast of the body against
      the background, like it was placed on it.It is not blended
      in to the background.When I do this, what I usually do is
      use a blur tool and run it around the edge of the body to
      blend it in to the background.
      Keep in mind that I'm a real amateur and am doing this as
      a hobby.I know very little about restoration and am a
      beginner.I wouldn't attempt to give advice on how to blend
      it at this time.
      All I'm stating is what I see.



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        Thanks for the replies, very constructive. Toad about the face tones not matching.... The original was so washed out that when I try to darken it to match the body, it just got muddy looking. I did add the shin to his cheek. I try to add more shine to other places on his face and it just didn't look right. I'm going to try again though and see what happens.

        Sage, I used a selective focus technique on this pic....that's why I didn't blend the images. I wanted to have him stand out from the background. Thanks for the input though.


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          yeah as sage150 said pretty sharp egde..otherwise very well done.. i like the cahge of colour of the head ..even if someone did say its not quite rite :P


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            You did a really good job with working with the colour of the headshot, however you didn't take it far enough. If you look at the individual channels one by one you'll see the difference. All you need to to is make a loose selection of the head/face portion and then use your colour tools to make some adjustments. Also, you can make adjustments to the body so the face doesn't get too mucked up. You can also paint on the face.

            The trick then is to open up the info pallette and run your cursor over different parts of the body and read the measurements. The info pallette is little-used, and for this type of thing it will tell you exactly what's going with your picture. You'll have to make some guess-timates with contrast, but again, if you look in the channels you'll see immediately where the problems are.

            The head is a touch too big, but not a big deal.

            Here's what it might look like with some final adjustments, but you did do an excellent job, especially after looking at the headshot you had to work with from the outset.

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