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First retouch for a client

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  • First retouch for a client

    Hi All,

    I'm new to the site and to retouching old photos. I would love any feed back on my images! Thanks! I used photoshop 7 and my wacom tablet. I'm not new to photshop at all but the retouching is new to me. Any advice would be great, thanks!
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    Mazer, that's kind of small to see any detail and there's no "before" picture to compare it to. Can you post a larger version and the original, too?


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      wrong pic


      Sorry I must have posted the wrong one. I also have it in my gallery, if you need a higher resolution I can upload it. I think the one in my gallery is much larger. Thanks for telling me.


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        My general impression is that this is a very well done hand colorization.

        Whenever I see a hand colored photograph, I check to see if it is over colored, or if it looks unnaturally colored.

        In the case of your work, the coloring looks natural. I see slight rouge in the faces of the two women, which helps provide a realistic look, and your choice of colors works well, including the fine work on the stained glass.

        I think the face of the second man from the right is slightly over sharpened, and to a lesser extent the first man on the right, but the extent is hard to determine because even the larger image in your gallery is still prety small to look at.