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  • Colourisation.

    Here is a colourisation I tried earlier this week. The original is displayed in my gallery. I'd appreciate any comments, particularly relating to colorising skin.


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    good stuff for a first try..

    Paulie pointed out some valid points like feathering. Another i recommend is not to use that texture filter - and if you which to.. blur it back, add noise and blur back again - I cant explain but i feel this looks better.

    more attention to detail such as the eyes and mouth are importants - we humans look at a million faces every day and will pick up these you quickly.

    For colouring faces a good base i feel is to use variations. Select the outline of the skin , removing eyes and teeth (leaving the lips as colour can then be added to them on top) and feather 1.5 to 6 depending on the size of pic. Go to variations, select midtones > instenity on 4 clicks > now select 2 yellow, 2 red, set intensity to 2 > 1 or 2 blues..

    you could then use selective colour in the red and yellow channels to fine adjust.

    Im not saying this is the only or even best way of doing it but is fast and simple..

    Good luck with your next one..

    PS.. are we allowed to reply with examples taken from posts (eg corrections, close ups.. as i feel a picture can paint a thousand words.)


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      Thank you for your comments.

      Please feel free to post examples - I'm assuming you are referring to my colourisation. The original is on my gallery page. I'd like to see the result of your approach.



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        Ian,a long while coming but here's my attempt. Changed to cmyk mode then used curve adjustment layers to colourize. Changed back to rgb mode to make fine adjustments to h/s/l & colour balance.
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